Ṛtasya GmbH

Our Vision

The key to maintaining control over complex systems is to be able to tell the difference between systems which can be validated and systems which cannot be validated.

A prerequisite for effective validation is that abstract requirements on AI systems, for example, to be "thrustworthy", "lawful", "ethical" and "robust" are made specific and precise enough to allow measurability.

If quality requirements for AI systems are defined precisely enough and validity can be effectively decided, then validation often needs surprisingly fewer resources and less energy compared to the creation of the specific AI system.

In many instances, the computational complexity of building versus validating AI systems is similar to the long-known examples of combinatorial problems like the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) or optimization problems like the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), which are difficult to solve, but once the solution is found, validity of the solution is easy to check.

The challenge is to cast the validation problem into such a form that (i) the quality requirements become measureable and (ii) the validity problem can be effectively decided.


Our Values


Cooperation is possible, if participants reliably do what they claim to do and are honest about what they cannot do. Long-term survival is only possible with cooperation.

Validation is the art and science of keeping complex automated systems honest.

Data Protection and Privacy

Your data is precious. If you do not trust "the cloud", we will find a way to perform validation on computing systems that you trust.

If your use case includes personal data, we help structure the contract between you as the controller and Rtasya GmbH as the processor in the sense of Articles 4 and 28 of the GDPR.


Rtasya GmbH is a subsidiary of infinada Consulting GmbH, which is independent and has strategic autonomy.

Abundance Mentality

Solar energy on earth is abundant. High performance computing resources needed for validation can be run at places and at times when the marginal cost of energy is effectively zero.

Adherence to Open Source

We exclusively use open source tools and provide all source code used for the validation to our clients.

Shared Knowledge and Scientific Progress

Progress is possible when knowledge is shared and distilled into a re-usable form. Learning and teaching go hand in hand.

Diversity, Inclusion and Interconnectedness

All life is divinely precious. Everything is interconnected.